How long will it take to build and what is the procedure?

FAQs Answer: After deciding on the final design and receiving the construction cost, a simple agreement is signed and a deposit paid. This starts the following procedure:

  • Certified engineering plans are produced ‘in-house’ within 5 days for issuing to a Council or Private Certifier. Within 2 weeks, a building approval (B.A) will be issued. This assumes that no special requirements or conditions are required under the local Council scheme plan.

  • Upon the B.A being issued, the manufacture of the steel componentry begins. Allow 2 weeks for this process and delivery to the construction site. This completes the procedure if you have simply purchased a ‘kit’.

  • In the majority of cases, S.G.I will be contracted to erect or build. Our concreters will have been instructed to prepare the slab or foundations whilst the steelwork is being manufactured. Therefore, on completion of the manufacturing, a building commencement date will be agreed with the client and the erectors/ construction teams will commence.

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