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Benefits of Pre-fabricated industrial construction

Eco-friendly: not only does factory construction make better use of energy, they also eliminate a lot of material waste. With the offcuts of extra materials not just being discarded on site or put into the skip bin. with factory prefabrication, we can often recycle/upcycle materials that would have been wasted in traditional onsite construction   …


No Hidden Fees

A huge part of the Culture of SGI is the pride we take in our work and honesty of our staff. You can always expect superior standards from our contractors, tradespeople & staff. With over 30 years of experience in the shed building industry, we have seen it all. And something that has served us …


Site Considerations for building A shed Home in Australia

The rise of Shed Homes Shed homes have seen a gain in popularity around Australia, this is due to the newer stylish designs & afford cost of materials. With many young Australians unable to afford a traditional brick and mortar house or preferring to build a custom shed home that fits their needs.   But …


Sunshine Coast Council rules for sheds

Dealing with the Sunshine Coast Local Council can be a headache of a task for the unfamiliar. At Superior Garages and Industrials (SGI) we are experts with the ins & outs of the Sunshine Coast council & Queensland Building and Construction Commission. According to the Sunshine Coast Councils website regarding sheds, if you sunshine coast …


Sheds Sunshine Coast | Steel Shed Homes | Liveable Sheds Sunshine Coast

Sheds Sunshine Coast Sheds Sunshine Coast | Steel Shed Homes | Liveable Sheds Sunshine Coast Need a good shed design that looks great for your home or business? Superior Garages & Industrial’s offers practical solutions to all your shed requirements. We have shed designs that can be customized to your individual needs, whilst still looking fantastic. …